Sunday, November 25, 2007

You Too Can Live the American Dream! (unless you're black.)

Or if you're parents are poor. And, if you're female. Probably. November 13, The Economic Mobility Project published a report detailing the rates at which people move along the economic ladder. As it turns out, if you're black or poor, you're chances of moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky are exceptionally slim. Women actually do pretty well for themselves, unless they fall into either (or both) of the aforementioned categories. Some fun* statistics:

  • "In every income group, blacks are less likely than whites to surpass their parents' family income and more likely to fall down the economic ladder."

  • "Only 31 percent of black children born to middle income parents make more than their parents' family income, compared to 68% of white children."

  • "Almost half (45%) of black children whose parents were solidly middle income end up falling to the bottom of the income distribution, compared to only 16% of white children."

  • "Forty-seven percent of daughters born to parents on the bottom rung stay on the bottom rung, compared to 35% of sons."


*By fun, I mean un-fun.
**And by thrilling, I mean completely disappointing.

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