Friday, April 18, 2008

Equal Pay Day!

Blog for Fair Pay
It's Blog for Equal Pay Day, and there's already a lot of information going up all over my favorite blogs about the actual law on pay discrimination, negotiation techniques, general musing, etc. It's hard to see what I could add to the topic, so I've made a really little list of some places that might help you to find out what you should be making. I think one of the biggest barriers to pay equity (besides, oh, asshole employers), is that people are discouraged from talking about their respective pay rates. It's very difficult to find out what other people where you work make! Even if there isn't a company gag rule on salary comparison, many people feel that it's rude and an invasion of privacy to be asked.

So! Here are a couple websites that I hope will help!

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Job Star
Salary Scout
Economic Research Institute

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